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JavaScript (Medium)

Learn the Singleton pattern in Javascript and Typescript

The Singleton design pattern is undoubtedly the best known and most famous of all design patterns. Th

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 21:54:23 GMT

What to do when starting out in JavaScript. A guide for aspiring web developers.

If you are thinking of a career in web development, you may have heard of JavaScript. As a new softwa

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 21:50:40 GMT

A Must-Have Tool for Secure JavaScript Development: ESLint Plugin to detect vulnerabilities

As JavaScript developers, we all want to write secure, reliable, and maintainable code. But with the

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 21:39:49 GMT

Benefits of Angular Universal + Installation Guide And Common Pitfalls

Angular Universal is a technology that allows developers to run Angular applications on the server, e

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 21:29:03 GMT

JavaScript ?

IntroductionContinue reading on Medium »

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 21:12:22 GMT

More to Javascript Console

What is console ?Continue reading on Medium »

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 20:40:41 GMT

How to Add reCAPTCHA to Unbounce Landing Pages

If you’re looking to create landing pages of your website, you’ve probably considered U

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 20:18:42 GMT

De-serialize SVG to canvas using FabricJS

There are three important words in the above title, let’s break them down one by one:Continue

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 19:42:52 GMT

TypeScript For JavaScript Developers Part 4: Advanced Types

In the previous lesson, we introduced some of the basic types in TypeScript, including number, string

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 19:41:38 GMT

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